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Vertebral Compression Fracture Treatment from Osseon®

Restoring Quality of Life for Patients with VCFs

Osseon Provides Multiple Options

Patented Steerable Technology

Targeted Cavity Creation

Restore Mobility & Quality of Life

Navigate Directly to the Pathology

Anatomy / Trajectory Compensating Technology

Osseoflex® SB steerable balloons

Minimally Invasive VCF Treatment

Precision Design and Engineering

Osseoflex® SB steerable balloon

Unipedicular or Bipedicular Approach

Osseoflex® SB steerable balloons

The Osseoflex® SB is a steerable inflatable bone tamp used for cavity creation that provides access to the entire vertebral body for the treatment of vertebral compression fractures.

At Osseon we are dedicated to improving outcomes for patients with vertebral compression fractures. Our devices are minimally invasive and enable precision placement of bone cement.
We develop products for the treatment of vertebral compression fractures based on physician input, for the benefit of their patients.

Our physicians are some of the busiest in the industry. Does your physician use Osseon products?


Osseoflex® SN/SN+ steerable needles

Osseoflex steerable, articulating needles enable direct access to the entire vertebral body by way of a unipedicular approach for percutaneous vertebral augmentation. The SN or SN+ is used either individually or in combination with Osseoflex SB steerable balloons for cavity creation.


Latest News

Osseon Reports 2015 Results

SANTA ROSA, CA – January 28, 2016 – Ron Clough, CEO of Osseon LLC, reports 2015 results with year over year revenue increasing 42% in 2015.

Mr. Clough stated that Osseon added 78 new treating physicians including neurosurgeons; pain management physicians; interventional radiologists; and orthopedic surgeons.

Additionally, Osseon added 21 new Distributors in the same period.