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1081 Patient Case Study

Osseoplasty: Review and Analysis of 1081 Cases in the United States and Europe (2010)


This report is a retrospective analysis of 1081 reported clinical cases performed by 206 physicians in the United States, UK, Italy and Spain from November 3rd, 2008 through November 2nd, 2010, using the Osseoflex and Osseoperm vertebral augmentation system in the treatment of symptomatic vertebral compression fractures.  As cases were performed by numerous clinicians in multiple sites, and without the structures of a clinical trial, some data are necessarily unavailable.  It is, however among the largest reviews performed to our knowledge for any commercially available system for percutaneous treatment of compression fractures.

Source: Osseon® Therapeutics, Inc. December 15th, 2010, Santa Rosa, CA

1081 Patient Case Study (PDF)