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Osseoflex® Access Vertebral Introduction System

Osseoflex® Access Vertebral Introduction Systems provide a simple solution to percutaneous access to bone. Osseoflex Access kits are available in 10 gauge and 8 gauge compatible sizes.

Osseoflex vertebral introduction devices can be used in conjunction with other products for the delivery of bone cement to the vertebral body, for the treatment of vertebral compression fractures. The Osseoflex Access kit includes 2 working cannulas, with bevel and diamond tip stylets, and a biopsy needle.



Osseon Straight Hand Drill - For percutaneous access to hard bone, Osseon offers a Straight Hand Drill. Straight Hand Drills can be ordered as a la carte items and come in 10 gauge and 8 gauge compatible sizes.

Osseoflex® Access Sales Sheet (PDF)
Osseon® Straight Hand Drill Sales Sheet (PDF)
Osseon BFD Biopsy (bone filler devices) (PDF)


Features of the Osseoflex Access vertebral introduction system

•     Ergonomic handles for precise control and ease of access to the vertebral body

•     Provides access for subsequent procedures

•     Radiopaque stainless steel for precise needle placement

•     Diamond and bevel tip stylets included for physician choice

•     Low profile

•     Cannulas have 45 degree beveled edges

•     Includes biopsy needle with obdurator

Description and Indications for Use

Osseoflex Access vertebral introduction system

Description and Indications for Use

The Osseoflex Access vertebral introduction system is intended to be used only for percutaneous access to bone.

Product Specifications

The Osseoflex Access 10 gauge vertebral introduction system includes the following components:

2 Cannula Introducers
• Size = 10 gauge
• Stylet length = 4.53” (115mm)

4-point Diamond tip stylet

Beveled tip stylet

Straight biopsy needle
• Size = 12 gauge
• Needle length = 7.1” (180mm)