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Osseon New Product Receives FDA Clearance

SANTA ROSA, CA – June 24, 2014 – Osseon announced today FDA clearance and the commercial release of the latest addition to their steerable, articulating vertebral augmentation product line, the Osseoflex® SB 2ml steerable balloon.

The steerable Osseoflex SB balloon can navigate with unprecedented precision, accuracy, and control within the vertebra to create a central cavity across the sagittal midline. The addition of a smaller 2ml balloon size to the product line will accommodate treatment of compression fractures of smaller vertebra in the thoracic and lumbar spine.

About Osseon:

Osseon® LLC, headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, is dedicated to developing and commercializing state of the art medical devices for minimally invasive treatment of vertebral compression fractures. The company’s patented, steerable and articulating delivery systems offer more treatment options than other commercial solutions, as well as significant advantages in procedural efficiency and cost. By improving the treatment of compression fractures within the lower portion of the thoracic and the entire lumbar vertebral spine, Osseon offers new, forward thinking solutions to patients suffering from these maladies, as well as to the physicians and medical facilities that treat them. Osseon’s products are distributed globally.

For more information, visit our website at osseon.com. Osseon® is a registered trademark of Osseon LLC.

CONTACT: Osseon LLC – 707.636.5940 – Tracey Austin, Business Development Manager - tracey.austin@osseon.com, Mary Sloup, Marketing Director - mary.sloup@osseon.com